IYT - International certification on recreational big boats

Allsail Sailing Club and School is a partner school in the International Yacht Training Worldwide network of over 200 sail training schools across the globe.

IYT Worldwide courses through Allsail Sailing Club and School offer Australian sailors access to practical and relevant International Recreational Sailing Certificates and International Certificate of Competence (ICC) qualifications for international chartering of yachts to 24 metres.

Courses are conducted on Allsail’s 12 metre yachts – Bavaria 40S, Beneteau 39 and Sydney 38.

IYT Worldwide Sailing courses offered by Allsail

Where to start?

For those completely new to sailing we recommend you attend Allsail’s Australian Sailing Keelboat Crew or Helm courses. These are the entry level courses where you learn the basics on 24-33 foot keelboats before progressing to larger yachts in the IYT program.

International Crew Certificate (Sail)

International Crew Certificate (Sail)

For those with some basic boating and sailing experience who want to become an effective and competent crew member on a sailing yacht.

Complete the online theory study and exam, come for a pre-course practice/familiarisation sail and then attend the Allsail 2 Day Overnight Onboard practical sailing session.

Course Cost $790

International Bareboat Skipper Certificate

International Bareboat Skipper Certificate

For relatively experienced sailors wishing to achieve the level of competence (and formal certification) needed when cruising or chartering a yacht inshore or close offshore in daylight hours.

Includes home study of comprehensive Online Theory Modules and exam, come for a pre-course

practice/ familiarisation sail – and then attend the Allsail 2 Day Overnight Onboard practical sailing session and final exam.

Course prerequisites apply including 200nm and 10 days sea time plus experience and /or prior certification to International Crew level – or equivalent. VHF Certificate required before certificate is issued.

Course Cost $850

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

The ICC is your sailing passport to the Mediterranean, Americas, Asia and many other destinations.

ICC is now mandatory in many countries and accepted in others as proof of your competence to charter. VHF certificate also required before ICC can be issued.

Issue of ICC Certificate $125

Holders of the IYT International Bareboat Skipper Certificate qualify for automatic issue of an ICC.

Allsail's 1 day ICC assessment

Allsail's 1 day ICC assessment

Those with significant levels of long term experience and competence and an acceptable former alternative yachting qualification to skipper, coastal or similar level may qualify for Allsail’s one day ICC assessment.

This consists of theory study and onboard practical prep and assessment.

Ask us for details and if you qualify.

Minimum 2 candidates required for an assessment day ICC

Assessment & Exam $590 ICC Certificate $125

Allsail also runs coastal mile-maker cruises, races and overseas sailing flotilla adventures to assist candidates to achieve sea time requirements. Terms, conditions and some course pre-requisites may apply – ask us for details before you book.


International Crew and International Bareboat Skipper students are enrolled as temporary members of Allsail Sailing Club which entitles them to up to 3 FREE 3 hour club sails or races to practice their skills pre and post course.

A PDF summary of the IYT Courses offered by Allsail can be downloaded here.