Covid-19 Policy

Updated 14th July 2020

At Allsail we care about your health and safety.

In line with the latest Covid-19 Public Health Order here are some guidelines when sailing on our larger cruising yachts:

  • The skipper must ensure there is 4 square metres of space for each person on board
  • Participants not from the same household must maintain social distancing (the 1.5 metre rule).
  • Participants must ensure they practice good hygiene.
  • If any of your party have been to Victoria in the last 14 days, is subject to an isolation order, has been in contact with someone who has or is suspected of having Covid-19 – or is even slightly unwell with flu like symptoms – then they must NOT come sailing.

To ensure compliance we have instituted the following on Allsail yachts.

  • We have determined recommended maximum numbers of crew on each of our yachts to satisfy the 4 square metre rule. (Maximum under the current restrictions is 10 by day – probably 12 is OK on our Catamarans – but effectively on most of our monohulls numbers will be 6 to 8 only (maybe more if from the same household).
  • Cockpits and deck areas are marked with red crosses showing indicative 1.5 metre separations for guidance of skippers and crew to maintain social distancing – if not of the same household.
  • Cleaning solutions, wipes and hand sanitiser are available on each vessel. Vessels are cleaned after each use.
  • We ask that charterers and their guests always wear sailing gloves whilst handling equipment (eg winch handles, cleats and lines) -and bring your own sanitiser and wipes to be sure. We have a selection of sailing gloves for sale at Allsail.

Please make yourself familiar with the Covid-19 guidelines included in your yacht’s Safety Management System Document.

If you have questions regarding Allsail’s Covid-19 policy, then please contact us.