Weather Links

Sailing and Allsail in particular is driven by the weather which creates the fun and sometimes safety issues for our sailing and events.

Before you head out to Allsail for the day you should check the weather. if it bucketing down, there’s a strong wind warning or a gale warning sailing will probably be cancelled or postponed – contact us to confirm.

Below are the weather links that Allsail uses each day to determine the suitability of conditions:

Weather 128km Sydney Radar Loop

BoM – Current Weather Observations for Sydney
(Use this chart to forecast wind speeds on Pittwater and the Harbour. For instance compare wind speeds and direction from Norah Head, North Head and Sydney Airport, this will give you a fair indication of what is going to happen in the next few hours.)

Closed Waters Forecast for Pittwater, Sydney and Botany Bay

Coastal Waters Forecast for New South Wales

Sydney Forecast

Check out the wind predictions and actuals used by windsurfers and sailors – scroll down to the synoptic 4 day charts to see the coming weather pattern. Change the page to today to get live wind reads.

Learn About Meteorology